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Reproduced immediately below is one of the many positive reviews the book “Jim Elliot” has received.

Jim Elliot: A Christian Martyr Speaks to You
User Rating 5 Star Rating
Quick Facts:  Release Date 2010; Xulon Press; Paperback; 136 pages. 

What I liked Most & Least About this Book / Author:  My favorite chapters were the first two, which present a clear explanation of our need for a desire for God, and the effects of sin on the life of an individual.

I do not have any dislikes of the book, but I do have a warning (see below).

ISBN Number:  978-16157976-4-6

My Review:  Jim Elliot was one of the five martyred missionaries in the 1950s. The work of these five and their deaths have had a tremendous impact on thousands of Christians. Many related books have been written, but this is only the second book which contains the actual words of Jim Elliot. (The other is The Journals of Jim Elliot.)

I would highly recommend this book to all Christians who seek a closer relationship with Jesus Christ—especially those in junior high through age 40. It will positively impact lives.

The book provides great insight into the thinking of Jim Elliot and also provides a lot of notable and quotable material. Anyone interested in Christian history or Christian missions will really appreciate the book.

I do have a warning. This book was transcribed from old wire recordings (which predated magnetic tape) and it was a different era when Jim was alive. Jim Elliot was on fire for God and had a fervency which was rare then, and even more rare today. He was a true student of the Word of God and it shows in his messages.
In summary, I cannot recommend this book highly enough for all who are interested in strengthening their Christian life.

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There is more information about the book Jim Elliot at the author’s website. 
You may order directly from Amazon or from Xulon Press. 

~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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