Sunday, November 18, 2012

Book Review – GL, 1

~ Book Review of “God Light” ~

Reproduced immediately below is one of the independent book reviews “God Light: Sunlight Sonlight” has received.

Sunlight Sonlight

Robert Lloyd Russell

Publisher:  Infinity Publishing

Paperback: 310 pages

ISBN-10: 0741475537

ISBN-13: 978-0741475534

Robert Lloyd Russell starts with the statement in John's gospel that “God is Light” (John 1:5), and pro­ceeds to embark on a voyage of discovery as to the meaning behind these three words.  In writing this book he fills a void in our theological and literary knowledge, for as he states in the Preface, “precious little has been penned about God is light.”  Russell causes the reader to associate spiritual light with natural light, and in so doing, he helps our minds to become more open to a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects of God’s divine light — the Shekinah glory of God that we find shining through His Son.

~ Review by The Voice (a UK periodical), 2012, 4th Quarter, page 10

There is more information about God Light at the author’s website.
You may order directly from Amazon , Infinity Publishing, and other retailers.

~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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