Sunday, December 9, 2012

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~ At Times Submission is Easy ~ 

At other times submission is difficult!  

The following is an excerpt from a book.

Christ gave you the example you are to follow in His total submission to the Father’s will. In the same way, you as one of the Lord’s must be willing to do His will—especially when it contradicts your own will. It is easy to obey His commands and desires for you when they match your desires. It is in the time of conflict between His will and your own desires that your faith is tested.

Insanity involves a break with reality. Spiritual insanity occurs when Christians behave as if the Christian life is a continual feast of doing their own thing. Instead, you must accept the cross and pray as Jesus did, “not My will, but Yours, be done” (Luke 22:42).

When you pray like He prayed, eagerly accepting His will including the cross of submission to that will, you will know the strengthening and comfort that He knew. The Father sent an angel to strengthen Jesus and He has sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and strengthen you.

~ from “THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH: Understanding God’s Will for You” by Robert Lloyd Russell, pg 95 (ISBN: 9781606474303)
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~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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