Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Destined To Become A Classic"

~ Book Review of “God Light” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer ~

Reproduced immediately below is one of the independent book reviews “God Light” has received.

~ Review by Richard R. Blake, BLOGCRITICS.ORG  

Award-winning author Robert Lloyd Russell identifies, contrasts, and illustrates parallels between natural and spiritual light in God Light: Sunlight Sonlight, this third in the Christian Concepts Series: Timeless Truths and Contemporary Perspectives.

Russell's writing brilliantly develops a living theology that results in a dynamic discipleship. Each of the short chapters of God Light: Sunlight Sonlight includes well-thought-out truths from unique themes on: The character of God, the attributes of God, an overview of light in scripture, reactions to light, images, distortions, and special properties of light.

Russell helps the reader assimilate these truths through profound questions in a section titled "Think and Grow" at the end of each chapter. I appreciate the new insight into Christ as the Light of the Word, shedding "illumination" on the duel character of God as "light and love."

Frequent summaries, parallels between sunlight and Sonlight, rich applications, and implications add to the user-friendly format used throughout the book and are reinforced with thorough Biblical referenced documentation.

The comprehensive bibliography, scripture index, and end notes add to the value of God Light: Sunlight Sonlight as a ready reference for further reading, future study, and as a resource for suggested reading for Seminary, Bible School, and serious lay Bible study.

God Light: Sunlight Sonlight by Robert Lloyd Russell is destined to become a classic in contemporary studies on the character of God.


In the time since “GOD LIGHT: Sunlight Sonlight” was released, it has received accolades including being named:
Best Book” (Religion: Christianity) by the “2012 World Book Awards
Runner-up” (Religion: Christianity) by the 2012 USA Best Books Awards

There is more information about God Light at the author’s website.
You may order directly from Amazon , Infinity Publishing, and other retailers.

~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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