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“Tangible Answers to Difficult Questions”

~ Book Review of “Thy Will Be Done On Earth” by The Cypress Times ~

Reproduced immediately below is one of the many positive reviews the book “Thy Will Be Done On Earth” has received.

Book Review by The Cypress Times
Reviewer:  Gail D. Welborn

This timely book equips Christians to find tangible answers to difficult questions in one of the most trying times of our nation's history. It would make an excellent Bible study.

Thy Will Be Done On Earth, Understanding God's Will for You, by Robert Lloyd Russell, Xulon Press, 2008, 192 Pages, ISBN-13: 978-1606474303, $14.99

Christians are told to trust God with their decisions, even when those decisions are life-altering and certain to change their circumstances.  How can we gain confidence that our decisions are God's will for us?  Some Christians say they discern God's will with what is called “open and closed doors.”  In other words, if everything seems favorable, it must be God's will.  Or, if only problems arise, they decide the plan must not be God's will.  However, Scripture repeatedly clearly demonstrates the disciples lives were not without problems, yet they obeyed God even when the “door” appeared closed.  Russell believes Christians can be misdirected because they're not in what he calls, the “right lane of life's freeway” to discern God's will.  He devised a graphic, molecular model to teach Christians how to determine God's will.

With a Masters Degree in Christian Leadership from Western Seminary, years of teaching adult Sunday school classes and seminars, and life experiences, Russell believes there is a better way to find God’s will.  He developed two molecular models to visually demonstrate traditional Christian truth from a new perspective, and then expanded the models with targeted acronyms for ease of understanding.  Thy Will Be Done, first of six books planned in the Christian Concept Series, presents these materials for the first time outside the classroom.

The first part describes three aspects of God's will, His sovereign, general, and specific will that provide the foundation for the rest of the book.  For instance, God's sovereign will is His absolute, unlimited will, better described as “that which happens.”  God’s general will is “God's desire for mankind.”  God's specific will is “God's desire for you.”  His specific will never contradicts His general will, but may include more than His general will.  And God's specific will is unique to each individual.
The Christian Life Model in part two diagrams God's general will for Christians, while The Christian Guidance Model in part three illustrates how to make correct decisions.
Designed for individual or group study, the 26 short chapters build on material from preceding chapters.  The author recommends reading through the book once for an overview before re-reading at a more reflective pace.  “Think and Grow,” a practical application section with reflective questions, ends each chapter with space for readers to journal their thoughts.  The book is well organized and easy to navigate.  Well balanced and supported by Scripture, the author’s thoughts, rooted in God's Word, “direct, encourage and entertain.”  This timely book equips Christians to find tangible answers to difficult questions in one of the most trying times of our nation's history.  It would make an excellent Bible study.  

~ Review by The Cypress Times

There is more information about Thy Will Be Done On Earth at the author’s website. 
You may order directly from Amazon or from Xulon Press. 

~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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