Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cross Words, 6of9

~ Words Displaying His Humanity & Suffering Physically ~

Jesus Christ made seven gripping last statements while He was dying for our sins on the Cross of Calvary.  This is part of a Sunday series looking at the last words of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Passage (phrase 5)  ~  “After this, Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, said, ‘I thirst’!” (John 19:28).

Comments  ~  God the Father does not thirst.  The Spirit of God does not thirst.  The angels do not thirst.  As far as we know the devil and his demons do not thirst.  But those in hell are thirsty with an unquenchable thirst.  The Messiah drank the cup of death that we might drink of the cup of life. 

Don’t Miss This  ~  (1) The irony of the Creator of all—including all the rain, springs, brooks, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, and ocean—not having enough water for Himself.  (2) The irony of the One who is “the water of life” and the “living water” crying out with the words “I thirst!”  (3) The irony of the One who could calm the raging storm being thirsty.  (4) This was not a typical thirst.  It was the thirst of a dying man.  (5) The Son of God’s thirst for the presence of His Father was greater than the thirst for physical water.  (6) One of the first signs of physical life is a physical thirst.  One of the first signs of spiritual life is a spiritual thirst.  (7) Over time has physical comfort become more important than fellowship with God? 

the key question: “Who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15). This is the most important question you will ever answer. If you do not answer it, or answer it incorrectly, you have made the biggest mistake anyone can make!

~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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