Sunday, December 1, 2019

EXTRA: Timely Gift

~ FREE Christmas Devotion “3 Gifts” ~


eBook: GOD’S CHURCH: Christ’s Pearl

(ISBN: 9781393268093 // Amazon ASIN: B07XFPMVQT)   



·         Includes an inspirational “3 Gifts” devotional.

·         Timely for the Christmas season.

·         eBook (epub or mobi)

·         Limited time FREE Promotion at multiple sites (Amazon 0.99)

·         Enjoyable and Entertaining read (regarding the Church universal)

·         Short Easily Digestible Segments (ideal for the on-the-go reader)

·         Marvel at the Richness of Jesus’ Metaphor (“one pearl of great price”)  

·         Subtle Doctrine – Inspirational Theology (from reader response)

·         Think & Grow Questions (great for small groups)


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“Mr. Russell has shown his best work, in the development of the concept of the Church as a pearl of great price.  Throughout this study there is a development of analogical thought, where the latent imagery of the pearl is made clear for the modern reader.  His content is superior throughout.  He has drawn on a natural science and Biblical thought without violating either.  I have learned a great deal about the concept of a pearl and have appreciated more the concept of the Church as the Pearl of Christ.”  ~ Ronald B. Allen, Senior Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary 

WINNER OF 5 AWARDS: (the earlier print version)
      1)   Gold, Literary Excellence, 2011 World Book Award (1 of 3 across all book categories).       
      2)   Book-of-the-Year, Religion: Eastern/Western, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award (USA).  
      3)   Winner, Book: Biblical Studies, The Word Guild (Canada).    
      4)   Runner-up, Religion: Christianity, International Book Award.
      5)  Finalist, Religion: Christianity, The USA "Best Books 2011" Award.
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epub or mobi  

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~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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