Sunday, November 27, 2011

Quote: Moral Integrity

~ A Basic Issue of the Christian Life ~

It is a lifelong issue!  

The following is an excerpt from a book.

The basic issue of the Christian life is His will or mine! When the will of God for you aligns with your personal desire, keeping His will is easy. It is when God’s desire and your desire differ that conflict arises and decisions are critical.

There is an old story of a humble man who moved to a new community. His faith was strong even though his doctrinal knowledge was light. After he visited a local church the pastor made a visit to his home. To the pastor’s delight the man expressed a desire to become a member of the congregation. In order to be sure of this man’s relationship to Jesus Christ, the pastor began to ask a few questions.

“What do you believe regarding the doctrine of election?” The man thought carefully for quite a while. Finally, in a low soft voice the man replied, “Well, the way I see it, the Lord votes one way, the devil votes another way, and … well, whichever way I vote—that decides the election!”   

This man may not have had his doctrinal terminology correct, but more importantly, he knew about the essence of life on earth for the Christian. Regardless of what decision you are facing, it is a war between Christ and Satan. Your mind and heart may be saying, “Yes, Lord,” but your body (and all the cares of this life) may be saying, “Not now, Lord,” or “I won’t pay the costs of making the right decision.” In the final analysis, the choice is yours.

Developing the moral integrity of making the right choices, regardless of cost, is a lifelong exercise. This personal inner strength is formed by a thousand small decisions that demonstrate a commitment to the Lordship of Christ.

~ from “THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH: Understanding God’s Will for You” by Robert Lloyd Russell, pgs 147-148 (ISBN: 9781606474303)
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  1. Greetings -

    I love that comment, "...moral integrity." Oh how honorable it is to fully serve our Lord Christ and to steadfastly and utterly obey Him.
    He is so delighted when we wholly serve Him.

    Glory to GOD'S awesome name!

  2. I love the example -- we may not have the correct theological terminology, but we know what we believe and why.

    Thanks, too, for the Isaiah 40:31 comment. I will use that in a blog, soon, too.