Jim Elliot

The content of Jim Elliot is directly relevant to all Christians. 

Young Christians—from junior high through college—and new Christians of any age will benefit from the understanding gained from Jim’s discussions on “Spiritual Desire” and “The Effects of Sin in the Christian.” 

Those with an interest in the history of missions or current missions will find the book riveting. 

All Christians will appreciate Jim’s straightforward, hard-hitting style of speaking. His messages on “Peter” and “God’s Prophet” are rich and thought-provoking.  

International award-winning author Robert Lloyd Russell transcribed and edited these messages from an old wire recorder—a forerunner to the magnetic tape recorder. As a young boy he lived for a time in the Elliot home with Jim and his family. Jim’s father was one of his spiritual mentors. 

Russell is also the author of the “Christian Concepts Series.”  

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A Christian Martyr Speaks to You

ISBN: 9781615797646
Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
Pages: 138


This unique book contains transcripts of messages given by Jim Elliot before leaving for the mission field.

The first two messages are hard-hitting straightforward talks to seventh and eighth-grade students. The first is about “Spiritual Desire” including its nature and how to increase it. The second discusses “The Effects of Sin in a Christian.”

The third message, entitled “Peter,” is an exposition of 1 Peter 1:3. Jim unfolds what it means when Scripture says "great mercy," a "living hope," and the fact that Peter's faith was based upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Along the way he presents insights into the meaning of "born again." 

The fourth, “God’s Prophet,” traces the concept and role of a prophet, with the primary focus being Jesus Christ, the Father’s ultimate Prophet. His message includes a discussion of false prophets and why Jesus Christ was the True Prophet. 

Readers and Reviewers say…

* “these thought-provoking messages are particularly appropriate for anyone interested in … victorious Christian living. My favorite portion of the book is the clear explanation of our need for a desire for God and the effects of sin on the life of an individual. … this book provides great insight into the thinking of Jim Elliot and also provides a lot of quotable material. … In my opinion, it should be on the reading list of any Christian who seeks a closer relationship with Jesus Christ … It will positively impact their lives! ~ Christian Book Club, Book Review

* “Excellent thought-provoking content for seventh grade and up. Particularly good for anyone interested in missions, missions history, or victorious Christian living.” ~ Building Rainbows, Book Review

* “I would highly recommend this book to all Christians who seek a closer relationship with Jesus Christ—especially those in junior high through age 40. It will positively impact lives. … In summary, I cannot recommend this book highly enough for all who are interested in strengthening their Christian life.” ~ 5 Stars, About.com, Book Review

* Additional reviews and reader comments may be found at the author’s official website click here.

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Background to the Book

In early 1956 Christian missionaries Roger Youderian, Nate Saint, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming, and Jim Elliot lost their lives on “Palm Beach” on the banks of the Curaray River in a steamy jungle in Ecuador. They were brutally killed by an unreached tribe they had worked long and hard to reach with God’s love.

Many thousands of individuals have come to know Christ in a personal and living way and thousands of others have altered the direction of their lives as a result of the shocking massacre and the many articles and books written about it. Even the Auca Indians who thrust those fatal spears have seen a significant portion of their number come to know Jesus Christ.

Robert Lloyd Russell grew up in the same local church as Jim Elliot and was a friend of the Elliot family for many years. Jim was one of his childhood Sunday School teachers and there was a period of several weeks when Russell and his parents and siblings lived with the Elliots in their home. One of Jim’s brothers, “Dr. Bob,” officiated at Mr. Russell’s wedding.

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