God Light

Christian Concepts Series
Timeless Truths ~ Contemporary Perspectives
God Light identifies fascinating parallels between natural and spiritual light, contrasts the natural and spiritual light of the world, and illustrates applications of natural and spiritual light.  Analogies teach profound truth in simple language.

Written in short easily digestible segments, it is ideal reading for the person on the go. The reader will understand the statements God is light, The Light of the World, and Christians are to shine like lights in a profound way

As part of the “Christian Concepts Series” by international award-winning author Robert Lloyd Russell, God Light is made up of short chapters, each  followed by a “Think and Grow” section. The series is  great for people on the go, for individual devotional study, and as the text in group study. The intent of the series is to assist the reader in the quest for a deeper living theology and dynamic discipleship as timeless truths are presented with a contemporary perspective while maintaining the integrity of the Word of God.   

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Sunlight Sonlight  
ISBN: 9780741475534 (paper)
ISBN: 9780741475541 (e-book)
Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
Pages: 301 

“God is Light”
1 John 1:5 

God Light
* The nature of God  
* Light in Scripture from Creation to the New Creation
* Practical spiritual applications of understanding light 

Readers and Reviewers say…  
“First there was Tozer with The Knowledge of the Holy, and then Packer gave us Knowing God, and now Russell has taken us further with God Light.

“There is a tremendous need for a book on this subject. We have witnessed the publication of many books around the statement “God is Love,” but I cannot recall ever seeing one around the statement “God is Light.” It is important that these two attributes of God be brought into conjunction with each other because it is really impossible to discuss love intelligently without understanding light.”
~ Dr. Earl D. Radmacher, General Editor, Nelson Study Bible/New King James Study Bible

“This is truly are amazing. I marvel at the wisdom God has given you and the talent to put it on paper in a meaningful/fascinating way. I have anything but a scientific mind! I found myself saying out loud, “Wow, that's amazing,” many times. I worked through the technical only to be thrilled by the application at the end of each chapter. The parallel of God and His Son to the sun is brilliant! I know it’s in God's Word but you have brilliantly explored His message and made it meaningful to an “un-brilliant” person such as myself!

“You have opened my eyes to the light around me. Yesterday, as I looked at the clouds casting shadows on the earth, I thought of the truths you have taught me. I look at ordinary things differently. I have already used many of the truths in my mentoring and find myself sharing your thoughts in everyday conversation.

“This is so rich! … This is great! … Wonderful! … Mind boggling to say the least! … Great material for discussion! … Application pieces are truly inspired!”
~ Elizabeth Hightower, Women’s Ministries Leader, Laurelwood Baptist Church

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God Light has won literary awards

Beverly Hills Book Award


Reviewers Choice Award, 
2012 Reader Views Award.


Best Book
2012 World Book Award.

2012 USA Best Book Awards.

Book--Biblical Studies,
2013 The Word Guild (Canada).

Gold Medal Winner
Christian Non-Fiction,
2013 Readers' Favorite Award.                

* Additional reviews and reader comments may be found at the author’s official website click here

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