One Precious Pearl

Christian Concepts Series
Timeless Truths ~ Contemporary Perspectives

Winner of five awards One Precious Pearl is an enjoyable easy-to-read devotional style book which presents new and unforgettable insights. A correct understanding of the parable of the “one pearl of great price” (Matthew 13:45-46) will cause the reader to marvel at this simple phrase of Scripture. 

Early in the book the author provides a straightforward look at the three most popular interpretations of this parable. Included is a clear Bible-based rejection of the popular notion that the pearl represents salvation. 

The major portion of the work provides parallels between the “one pearl of great price” and the Christian church. Presented are seven unique aspects of a pearl which parallel the uniqueness of the church. Finally, eight additional characteristics of a pearl and their parallels are presented. 

As part of the “Christian Concepts Series” by international award-winning author Robert Lloyd Russell, One Precious Pearl is made up of short chapters, each  followed by a “Think and Grow” section. The series is  great for people on the go, for individual devotional study, and as the text in group study. The intent of the series is to assist the reader in the quest for a deeper living theology and dynamic discipleship as timeless truths are presented with a contemporary perspective while maintaining the integrity of the Word of God.   

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God’s Design for His Church
ISBN: 9780741462329 (paper)
ISBN: 074146232X (e-book versions)
Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
Pages: 138  
 “One pearl of great price” 
(Matthew 13:45-46)

One Precious Pearl
* Tackles a relatively obscure parable of Jesus Christ
* Provides a clear, straightforward interpretation
* Presents many intriguing parallels between physical pearls and the universal Christian church   

Readers and Reviewers say…  

“Throughout this study there is a development of analogical thought, where the latent imagery of the pearl is made clear for the modern reader.  Mr. Russell’s content is superior throughout. He has drawn on natural science and Biblical thought without violating either. I have learned a great deal about the concept of a pearl and have appreciated more the concept of the Church as the Pearl of Christ.”  
~ Ronald Barclay Allen, Senior Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

“I will never think of a pearl in the same light again. I absolutely love the way you have drawn a parallel between the pearl and the Church. This is inspired!”  
~ Elizabeth Hightower, Women’s Ministries Leader, Laurelwood Baptist Church

“We have been Christians for over 40 years, but never have been so enlightened and enriched as we have been by the in-depth study of the One Precious Pearl. You have given us new meaning and insight.”  
~ Jerry & Maureen Shoop, Senior Pastor (retired)

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One Precious Pearl has won five literary awards

Religion: Eastern/Western,   
Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award (USA).


Religion: Christianity,   
International Book Award.


Book: Biblical Studies, 
The Word Guild (Canada).


Religion: Christianity, 
The USA "Best Books 2011" Award.

(1 of 3 across all book categories)
Literary Excellence 
World Book 2011 Gold Award.

* Additional reviews and reader comments may be found at the author’s official website click here.  

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