Sunday, July 15, 2012

Quote: Jim Elliot, 4

~ Witnessing ~

What is important to Satan?

The following is an excerpt from a book.

“It is precisely the resurrection which makes earth so very unimportant, my friend. That’s why it doesn’t make any difference whether or not I’ve got a good bank account, if souls aren’t being saved. That’s why I ought to be weeping, even though I’ve got good food in my belly three times a day, if souls aren’t being saved. If heaven’s not greeting people and my belly is being filled, I ought to be in tears about it.

“Earth is important no longer, because Jesus Christ is going to regard it as unimportant except as it’s related to what’s on the other side of death. And what is important is this, my friend: the souls of men. Even the king of Sodom recognized this, for when Abraham came back with the spoils from those five kings that had ravaged the cities of the flame, the king of Sodom says, ‘Take what you will, Abraham. Only give me the souls.’

“And that’s all Satan cares for, friend. Satan doesn’t care two scraps of his finger whether or not you’re rich or whether wicked men are rich. What he wants is souls. And if he can, he will get you to go to sleep because souls will perish, which is fine with him, and he doesn’t care how he does it.” 

~ from “JIM ELLIOT: A Christian Martyr Speaks to You” edited by Robert Lloyd Russell, pg 25 (ISBN: 9781615797646)
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~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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