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Jesus Is The Messiah, 287A

~ THE RATIONAL CONCLUSION:  Jesus is The Messiah! ~

“Search the Scriptures—they testify of Me” — Jesus Christ (John 5:39).
“And beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, Jesus explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures” (Luke 24:27).

The Scripture
In this series we have reviewed more than 250 of the Hebrew Scriptures which described the Messiah who was yet to come – which have since been fulfilled by One individual, Jesus Christ.  (Some scholars have identified well over 400 passages of Scripture which were fulfilled by Jesus Christ.)  Consider just a few of the ones we have considered in our series: 

Messiah would be Jewish
Messiah’s birth would be proceeded by a forerunner
Messiah would be born in Bethlehem
Messiah would be a male child born of a virgin
Messiah’s birth would cause a slaughter of innocent children
Messiah would be from Nazareth
Messiah would be from Galilee
Messiah would be come out of Egypt

Messiah would be descend from Judah
Messiah would be a descendent of Abraham
Messiah would be a descendent of Isaac
Messiah would be a descendent of Jesse
Messiah would be a descendent of King David
Messiah would perform miracles (many specific ones prophesied)
Messiah would speak in parables
Messiah would be worshipped by shepherds, kings, and Gentiles 

Messiah would make a triumphal entry in Jerusalem on a donkey
Messiah would be rejected by His own people
Messiah would be betrayed by a friend
Messiah would be betrayed for 30 pieces of silver
The blood money of 30 pieces of silver would be returned
The blood money would be used to buy the potter's field
Messiah’s blood would be shed
Messiah would be treated as a criminal and die with the wicked

Messiah’s last words would were foretold 
No bones of the Messiah’s body would be broken
At Messiah’s death the sun would be darkened at mid-day
Messiah would be killed before the destruction of the second Temple
Messiah’s death would be followed by the destruction of Jerusalem
Messiah would rise from the dead on the third day
Messiah would establish a New Covenant
Messiah would also be a blessing to Gentiles

The Messiah 
This is a sampling of just 32 of the more than 400 fulfilled prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures regarding the Jewish Messiah which have been fulfilled in the life of Jesus Christ.  When many of these prophecies were made (between about 400 and 1,400 years before Christ) they seemed impossible.  What are the odds that all would be fulfilled in One man—unless He was the true Messiah? 

Jesus Christ is The Jewish Messiah.

~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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