Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bible Introversion, 2

~ Introversion Outline of the Bible, 2 ~

Jesus Christ is the central point of history----we live some 2,000 plus years after Christ as our calendars regularly remind us.  Jesus Christ is, more importantly, the central point of God’s Word—The Holy Bible.  We find the life of Christ in four biographies at the beginning of the New Testament—they are called The Gospels which means “Good News.”  The good news is that Jesus Christ, the very Son of God came to earth to pay the penalty of the sins of mankind—for those who are willing to accept His gift. 

~~~~~1~ God’s Righteous People in Paradise – Genesis 1-2
~~~~2~ Satan and Sin Entered – Genesis 3-5
~~~3~ The World Judged and Destroyed – Genesis 6-9
~~4~ One World Government – Genesis 10—11
~5~ The Old Covenant – Genesis 12-Malachi
THE CENTRAL POINT OF HISTORY: Jesus Christ – The Gospels
~5~The New Covenant – Acts-Jude
~~4~ One World Government – Revelation 6-14
~~~3~ The World Judged and Destroyed – Revelation 15-19   
~~~~2~ Satan and Sin Exit – Revelation 20
~~~~~1~ God’s Redeemed People in Paradise – Revelation 20-22

Comment  ~  Abundant Life Now has previously published introverted outlines (or parallel outlines known as chiasms) one of which was like today’s post of the entire Bible.  For those who would like to review them here are the links to those prior posts.

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~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW blog.
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