Wednesday, September 11, 2013

EXTRA: Gold Medal

~ “GOD LIGHT Sunlight Sonlight” – Wins 6th Award ~  

“GOD LIGHT: Sunlight Sonlight” by Robert Lloyd Russell has been named the Gold Medal Winner in the “Religion: Non-Fiction” category of the Readers’ Favorite Book Awards.

Russell’s latest book in the Christian Concepts Series received a perfect “5” score in all judging categories.  In summary, the reviewers stated: 

This book is very well-written and formatted.  At the end of each chapter, the Sunlight—Sonlight parallels are explained, and there is a Think and Grow section with a few questions to answer.  ‘God Light’ could easily be used as a personal Bible study, or a study for small groups or Sunday school class.  Though there is a lot of information, on account of the way the book is written, it is easy to read and understand. Each chapter is pretty short so that it can be read and discussed in one sitting.  I highly recommend ‘God Light’ to help with any type of Bible study.” 
GOD LIGHT identifies fascinating parallels and contrasts between natural and spiritual light.  The author includes practical applications of both natural and spiritual light in his thought-provoking book.

GOD LIGHT has been awarded five previous awards.  Altogether the first three releases in Russell’s “Christian Concepts Series” have received 11 awards. 

More information about this award-winning book can be found at Infinity Publishing, Amazon, other retailers, as well on the author’s web page.  Robert Lloyd Russell lives in Washougal, Washington.