Saturday, April 8, 2017

Bible: Employee Handbook

~ The Best Employee Handbook & Management Development Program ~

Introduction  ~  While many have described The Bible as the Handbook of Life I would suggest it is also the best possible Employee Handbook and Management Development Program.  The Bible can be viewed as being all about work. 

God’s Employee Handbook & Management Development Program

The entire Bible can be outlined in terms of work:  
  1. Genesis – Work is God’s Plan for Mankind (Genesis 2)
  2. The Pentateuch – Worship Work
  3. The Historical Books – Stewardship Work
  4. The Wisdom Books – Soul Work
  5. The Prophets – Hard Work (knowledge to wisdom)
  6. The New Testament – Kingdom Work
  7. Revelation God and His People are at rest! (Revelation 22)
Comment  ~  While I believe there will be work to do in heaven, we will be serving Him (Revelation 22:3).  It will be incredibly exciting—like a good hobby, or a great vacation!    

~ Robert Lloyd Russell, ABUNDANT LIFE NOW

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